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From a Mama’s heart

I don’t know about you, but I cry when I’m completely happy, just as I would if I were completely sad.  I’ve tried to turn it off, but when my heart is so full with joy, the tears just come.  I also cry when I laugh.  Over active tears.  Then my head hurts and my skin is blotchy.

Every year on this day, my mind takes me back to a moment of the purest happiness I have known.  January 29, 2004 was the day I had my second son Carson. Not all baby’s births are perfect days.  But this special one.  His was…….and I just love to remember it.

Everything about it was textbook perfect.  He was placed on my chest, his head perfectly round, button nose.  His hunched over little round back and curled up little soft legs.  He had my mouth and the rest looked just like his Daddy.  He was perfection.

Carson born

My arms grabbed him as the doctor passed him.  I wrapped him, pulled him close and my mouth got tight.  My eyes filled up, and the pressure filled my head.  Instantly came the tears as I shushed him and kissed him, holding him as close to my face as I could while still trying to stare at him and take him all in.  Mine.  He was mine and there is no force as powerful as a mama bear with her little one.

This mama love is shared by women regardless of our background.  Our financial status.  Our education or lessons.  It is this love that also my sisters on the other side of the world feel for their babies.  It is this love that we all share that compels me to share something amazing with you.  I met this wonderful person Emily at a writer’s conference in South Carolina this past October.  She is an artist, a mother, an author, and a world changer.  Emily started an organization called Lulu Tree to help mother’s be able to keep their babies and not have to give them up to an orphanage or lose them to death because they couldn’t earn enough to provide. If there is one thing you do today, it is to read this next link. Read her post “Why This Mother From the Slums is Smiling”.

I mean could you imagine?  Do we get that this happens?  The amazing news is that you can be a world changer too, by helping them.  Right from your laptop.  We mama’s here have so much.  And through organizations like the Lulu Tree we can support a mother and her baby across the world.

Mother sponsored through The Lulu Tree in Uganda

Mother sponsored through The Lulu Tree in Uganda

Think if it was you, and you got news that you were going to be supported.  Let’s rise up mama’s and turn this world upside down in the name of love.  One mama at a time.  One baby at a time.  Let’s work at preventing orphans.  Love is a powerful thing when put into action.  Please be part.  Find out more HERE.

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Children's ministry director, Author of The God Puzzle, Wife and mom of boys. Love to paint and cook and be outside.

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  1. Tears. Oh Val, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart. For loving on these precious mamas. I’m so excited that you are sponsoring one my dear friend. Love to you!!!

  2. Thank YOU! Look what is happening-so much love to you too. And by the way, I am half done Atlas Girl. LOVE IT. And I love the reference to Value Village (a Canadian classic I so fondly remember) and Peach perfume. Such bare and heart gripping writing. Thank you for pouring out your life in so many ways.

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