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Need an end to family devotion frustrations? A God Puzzle Interview at…

Ever feel like your failing at family devotions? Here’s an interview that answers questions on why I wrote The God Puzzle that might help give you the tool you need to make you feel competent instead of defeated when it comes to teaching your kids about God.

The God Puzzle, family devotions, devotional book for kids

The God Puzzle takes the guesswork out of teaching the faith at home. Know that you are giving your kids all the pieces they need to put together in regards to their faith.

Whom was The God Puzzle created for?  Why do parents need a Bible study program they can use within the home?   What encouragement do you give parents who are intimidated about teaching their kids about faith?   How is The God Puzzle structured to be used?”

Click here to read about how to easily end family devotion frustrations…

kids devotional book, family devotional book, The God Puzzle

An easy to use workbook for kids age 7-12 and their parents


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